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1.3. 口音(Accents)

英语也许是地球上地方口音最多的语言,除了英式英语和美式英语之外,还有加拿大英语、澳大利亚英语、苏格兰英语、新西兰英语…… 即便是在英国之内,也有很多不同的口音,甚至伦敦南部和东部的口音都有可能并不相同。同样,在美国,各个区域的口音事实上有很大区别。

English may well be the language with the most regional accents on Earth. It's not just about British English and American English; there's also Canadian English, Australian English, Scottish English, New Zealand English, and so on. Even within the UK, there are countless different accents. You might find that the accent in South London is different from that in East London. Likewise, in the United States, accents can significantly vary depending on the region.


上图来自于 —— 不妨去体会一下同一个英语单词在各地不同的口音……

The image above is from Feel free to explore and appreciate how the same English word can sound so different, depending on the regional accent.

Little Big Shots 节目组曾经请来一位苏格兰小朋友 Oscar,听听他是怎么说 fish 这个词把主持人差点搞疯的:

The team behind the show Little Big Shots once invited a Scottish youngster named Oscar. Listen to how he pronounces the word fish - it nearly drove the host crazy!

事实上,较重的地方口音甚至会令英语母语使用者都束手无策。这个 Youtube 链接是 2019 年 10 月英国议会上演的一幕 —— 一位新西兰出生的议员死活听不懂他的苏格兰同事在说什么……

In reality, heavy regional accents can even stump native English speakers. Check out this YouTube link for a humorous example. It's a scene from a British Parliament session in October 2019, where a New Zealand-born member couldn't for the life of him understand what his Scottish colleague was saying!

很多人在学英语的时候,对口音的选择异常纠结。其实大可不必,只要想想你最能最常听到的口音是什么就可以了 —— 显然,对绝大多数人来说,在这个视听媒体格外发达的时代,人们更常听到的可能是美式英语

Many people find themselves particularly torn when deciding on an accent to adopt while learning English. However, it's not as big of a deal as it seems. Simply consider the accent you hear most frequently - it's clear that for the majority of people, in this age where audio and visual media are abundantly prevalent, the American English accent is perhaps the one most often heard.