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2. 音素详解


In theory, pronouncing each phoneme correctly isn't really a hard nut to crack; plus, like any other language, English doesn’t have that many of them—just over forty in total.


However, there are two main challenges here.


Firstly, almost every single phoneme morphs here and there within fluent speech. So what can one do? The key lies within repetition – repeatedly read materials aloud, corrected by self-monitoring your pronunciation, focusing on those pesky shifting details until they become conquered hurdles rather than intimidating obstacles.

更大的困难来自于我们的大脑机制。随着年龄的增加,大脑会过滤母语中用不到的声音,以便提高语音识别的效率 —— 也恰恰是这一点造成了绝大多数成年人学外语的最大障碍。有些声音我们听不到、听不清楚,有些声音听到了却无法分辨,有些声音被我们自己在不知不觉中替换成了另外的样子…… 应对方式只有一个,集中注意力反复听,反复练 —— 注意力集中才是真正的关键

An even greater challenge stems from how our brain functions over time: as we age, our minds begin filtering out unnecessary sounds not present in native tongues as noises to enhance linguistic efficiency - which happens also to be a major obstacle for most adults learning foreign languages as some sounds go unheard or indistinct while others get mistakenly replaced unconsciously... The only weapon at hand? Again, repetition - repeately listen and practice, with full attention, which is another indispensbile key.