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2.1.7. ʊ/u/uː

u 这个元音,地球上的任何语言都用,并且还几乎是一模一样地用,所以,大家读起来都不费劲。有一个细节值得注意,英文里长元音 发声相对于短元音 ʊ 嘴唇相对更加略微凸出。请试着比较一下 boot buːtbook bʊk.

This pair of vowels is used in virtually every language on Earth, and it's used in almost exactly the same way, making it easy for everyone to pronounce. There's one detail worth noting: in English, the long vowel requires a smaller mouth shape than the short vowel ʊ, and lips should protrude slightly more. Try to compare boot buːtand book bʊk.

另外,在 CEPD 中,这个音在非重音音节时被标注为 u,之前见到过的例子是 situation ˌsɪtʃ·uˈeɪ·ʃən