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2.2.12. ts/dz

ts/dzs/z 不一样的地方在于发声时起始的舌尖位置,s/z 起始的舌尖位置贴近但没有接触到牙齿和牙龈的接缝处;但,ts/dz 的舌尖要再往后一点,和 t/d 发声时起始的舌尖位置一样,贴在龈脊的那个部位之后开始发声。

The difference between ts/dz and s/z lies in the initial tongue position during pronunciation. For s/z, the tip of the tongue is close to, but not touching, the seam of the teeth and gums. However, for ts/dz, the tongue tip is a bit further back, identical to the initial position when pronouncing t/d. It starts pronouncing from that spot of the alveolar ridge.


可以用 students ˈstudənts 这个词反复体会 sdts 的舌尖位置(注意,开头的 st 会被读成 sd)……

The word students ˈstudənts can be repeatedly pronounced to understand the tongue positions for s, d, and ts (note that the initial st is pronounced like sd).