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2.5.1 高低(Pitch)


Clear syllables when pronounced, may vary in pitch.

Yet, | it is a fact of life | that an unlettered peasant is considered ignorant.

这句话里,Yetlife 这两个单音节词汇,以及 peasant 的第一个音节 pe,以及 ignorant 里的第一个音节 ɪg,都有明显的音高(pitch)拉升。语音分析工具可以帮我们清楚地 “看到”:

In this sentence, the single syllable words Yet and life, the first syllable pe in peasant, and ɪg in ignorant, all experience a noticeable pitch lift. Voice analyzing software can help us see this clearly:

如果你可以唱出 44 | 3 2 1 - | —— 当然,这三个音符其实任何人都可以唱出来……

If you can sing 44 | 3 2 1 - | - indeed, anyone could sing these three notes...

那你就可以把 fact, fact, fact... 用三个不同的音唱出来,/fækt/(3) /fækt/(2) /fækt/(1-),你就能体会到自然语音中的音高变化了。

Then you can voice fact, fact, fact... in three different pitches, /fækt/(3) /fækt/(2) /fækt/(1-), and you will then feel the pitch changes in natural speech.

音高pitch)的控制,主要靠喉部larynx);而声调tone, 2.5.2),由于涉及到音高的变化(从高到低或者从低到高),所以,也由喉部控制。如果有个人在我们面前讲话,在我们听到她声调明显变化的时候,就可以看得到她的喉咙部位的明显动作……[1]

Pitch control mainly relies on the larynx. tone (2.5.2), which involves pitch variation (from high to low or from low to high), is also controlled by the larynx. If someone is speaking in front of us, we can see the clear movement in their throat when we hear a noticeable change in their pitch...[1:1]

之所以 “说话” 只不过是 “极其低配版的歌唱”,是因为它的曲调(Melody)只是在一个特别狭小音高区域(Pitch region)里变化。

The reason why speaking can be considered as extremely pared-down singing is because its melody (prosody) only fluctuates within a very narrow pitch region.

  1. The video clip came from Essentials of Linguistics, 2nd edition,and the narrator is one of the authors, Catherine Anderson。 ↩︎ ↩︎