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5. 效果非常惊人

最惊人的是,在人工智能的辅助之下,我的第一语言使用水平也可以用同样的方式提高。在此之前,我们通常都是眼高手低的 —— 我们的实际能力常常远远低于我们的审美。就好像我们都知道什么好吃,但真的做不出那么好吃的东西一样。但现在不一样了,突然之间,能力追上了审美,想要再提高,竟然需要做的只不过是提高审美标准而已……

作为岁数已经不小了的成年人,我想到了一个令自己无比震惊的可能性 —— 我们完全有机会在人工智能辅助下,通过一段时间的训练,生生把英语变成自己的第一语言。这在过去当然会被认为完全不可能,现在呢?现在真的不一样了。

我们的大脑突然之间变得非常聚焦。既强大又轻松。我们真正需要耗时费力的,是把事情想清楚,把研究做明白,把结构调整好。所有注意力也的确应该放在这些最关键的事情上,不像过去那样总是被其它各种细节占用,乃至于最关键部分的质量受到影响。现在真不一样了,我们有一大堆既便宜又随叫随到的机器人助手…… 就好像我们一下子有了个班底,不用再苦哈哈地只做编剧了,而是升级成了制片人,关心着不一样的事情,做出不一样质量的东西。到最后可能需要润色,那就是我们的审美水平所决定的事情了,不一定是要我们自己耗时费力才能做好的事情。


Most people are deft at exhausting resources to tackle problems they have been creating. They often in effect choose to involute, rather than evolute without noticing.

Here's an intriguing example in Foreign Language Learning. For various reasons, most tend to shy away from speaking almost from the very beginning... This retreat leads to a pitfall: mispronouncing words grows increasingly commonplace, and even when armed with a script for speech, communication falters due to these rampant pronunciation mistakes - behold, it is not about precision but outright errors. Essentially, their relentless effort has been digging a hole so deep that escape was already impossible.

In everyday life, one of the most commonly perplexing examples is the culture of borrowing to spend. Not only homes and cars are bought on loans; even daily expenses rack up credit card debts... But here's the crux: borrowing to spend essentially means they're paying for today’s desires with tomorrow’s earnings. Each time they beg for interest from these activities, it's like adding more bricks to their own prison wall - what's scarier still: those additional parts are self-replicating around-the-clock! Then they slave away at work, confusing more earning with more right to splurge until ultimately end in shackles just like the Eagle's lyric goes, They are all prisoners of their own devices.

The same holds for education. People pour money into it, more as a status symbol than an investment, turning what should fundamentally be production into consumption... They sowed the seeds of problems from inception - those seeds took years to sprout before finally growing into towering trees with branches, twigs and leaves representing myriad issues big or small. Under the tree are those craning their necks at every branch, twig, or leaf, pondering to the tackle them, completely forgetting these were seeds of their own making - leaving no stone unturned.

当然,这是在 GPT 给我返回的内容基础上按照我自己的喜好又做了一些改动的结果 —— 机器人给的也不是不能直接用,但,不一定完全符合我自己的审美。并且,这个随后按照自我喜好进行修改的过程,对自己通过消化进一步发展自己的文字能力有巨大的帮助。这个过程不可或缺,否则,自己就会因为 AI 的强大而反过来变得更差。

重点在于,突然之间,我可以用英文以我的审美标准去表达我的思想了,这是过去我用任何语言都做不到的 —— 人么,大多都一样,总是眼高手低 —— 可如此下去,没多久,英语不就直接成了我的第一语言吗?这并不仅仅是我有可能做到,而是人人都有可能做到吧?过去想都不敢想,突然之间,现实就砸进了我们的生活。这辈子竟然还有这样的机会!